What is conduit engine?

Conduit Engine is the module of Conduit Open that allows users to add apps directly to their browser without a community toolbar. It offers you an important new distribution option for your Conduit-powered offerings.

How it works:

1 - Users choose your app from one of the following places:

2 - Users who don’t have a community toolbar are offered Conduit Engine (existing users add it to their toolbar).
3 - Once Conduit Engine has been installed in seconds, the app appears on the user’s browser. In essence, Conduit Engine works like an empty toolbar or an empty row on the browser.

Right-click menu:

Conduit Engine comes with an extensive right-click menu that includes the following options and more:

  • Share via all the major social networks.
  • Get more apps from the same publisher in the Conduit App Marketplace (opens a page in the Marketplace sorted to display only the publisher’s apps).
  • Manage your apps including show/hide, move left/right, etc.
 A window in the Conduit Engine installation process (for Internet Explorer)

An app on the user’s Conduit Engine

An app on Conduit Engine with the right-click menu and the Share window open

What are the benefits of Conduit Engine?

Conduit Engine offers you a new distribution option for your content and a huge increase in your access to new users. Here are some of the major benefits:

1 - Convert more website visitors: When you offer an app with a 2go button on your website, your site visitors can add it right to their browser—even if they don’t have your community toolbar—opening up a whole new world of new users for you.
2  - Better results in the Conduit Marketplace: You can attract new users who are browsing the Conduit App Marketplace by offering them just the apps they want.
3 - Engage new users with your Community Alerts: Conduit Engine and your Conduit-powered Community Alerts are connected! When users add your app to their Conduit Engine, they will also be offered your Community Alerts. You start engaging users from the moment they install your app.
4 - The tool that keeps on giving: Once users have installed Conduit Engine, they can continue to add apps by:
Clicking 2go buttons on Conduit publisher websites (Conduit Engine detects them!)
Clicking the right-click menu or Add Apps button to get more apps from the Conduit App Marketplace whenever they want
5 - Watch your app go viral! Users can share an app by clicking in the right-click menu, which opens a Share dialog with all the major social networks.
Conduit Engine notifying the user that an app has been detected on the current page

Can I automatically offer my Community Alerts to new users who add my app?

Yes! Conduit Engine and your Conduit-powered Community Alerts are connected. When new users add your app to their Conduit Engine, they will also be offered your Community Alerts. That way, new users also become a part of your community, giving you deeper user engagement from the moment a user installs your app.

What happens when users hide all the apps on their Conduit Engine?

Hiding all the apps on Conduit Engine hides Conduit Engine too. Users can show Conduit Engine, just as they show their toolbar, by selecting it in their browser’s View > Toolbars menu.

Once users have redisplayed Conduit Engine, the Add Apps button will appear. Users can click the button to visit the Conduit Apps Marketplace or right-click it to see more options, including opening the Options dialog to show their current apps.

Conduit Engine with the Add Apps button and the right-click menu open

Conduit Engine Options window

How do users uninstall Conduit Engine?

Internet Explorer users can uninstall Conduit Engine using the Add or Remove Programs function, and Firefox users can uninstall using the Tools > Add-ons menu in the browser. In all cases, they can choose to uninstall specific apps or the entire Conduit Engine.

Conduit Engine Uninstall window.